Ecstatic Moments

Ecstatic Moments Project

2010 - On Going (108+ photographs)

Wherever I go, my camera is always my companion, but the first time I went to a concert, I decided to leave it behind to be able to fully immerse myself in the musical experience.
During this 1st concert, a strange thing happened: the music was talking to me, and at that special moment of live musical creation, I felt that I needed to talk back. This need, urged me to carry my camera with me whenever I attend a concert… Always ready to capture those moments of magic… those moments that speak to me.
Music gives me this special kind of ecstasy... Every time I click that little button of my camera, I am in a rush to capture this particular moment of connection that I am so badly longing to.
This project is a collection of those ecstatic musical moments that have truly touched, communicated and inspired me.
The subjects of my photographs are artists or musicians that I already know and personally admire, or others that I got introduced to for the first time… But at the end, it doesn’t matter as long as I’m ecstatic and I get that trigger to shoot, and then everything feels right.

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