Seizure of Senses series

Seizure of Senses Series

2011 (14 photographs)

“The photos are a self-portrait, which were taken at the start of the Syrian Revolution. It depicts my feelings and thoughts about the
entire situation and how we used to live.”

How are you?
What’s going on?
People are asking for their rights and freedom.
What’s going on?
Everyone is trying to explain their own perspective but no one is listening
There is nothing to appreciate in this situation and only darkness surrounds you
Hatred and revenge are the masters of this charade
Shocking are the people and their followers
Depressing are the victims and their ignorance
A plague of ugliness has spread
Give me a drop of enhancer
Spread it around and let the inner beauty and peacefulness come out
Let it shift the mood and anaesthetize the mind
Everyone is full of hate
Only a fearful would want to kill another
Push the button and let it take you to its serenity
Let it put you to sleep
Let it calm your mind
Let the dreams conquer the nightmares
Oh mighty evolution, where are you taking us?
Can we step out of this phase in a split second?
Time is passing and we desperately wait for a change.

Text Edit: Maria Leonard

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